Kipton Cronkite Reflection

I grew up as a small town boy with a simple dream to live in the big apple.  Along the way, Oklahoma nurtured a burning desire to do something unique with my life.  My early influences were from both my grandmothers who loved painting and ceramics. This influence opened my mind to art and design and planted a seed that remains with me this day.  As a teenager, I knew I was gay but felt trapped in a conservative environment and a deeply religious family with strict values. This fear kept me focused on a career path in finance which prevented me for many years from pursuing my deepest desire, the arts. After a few failed relationships and a brief marriage/divorce, I knew that one thing remained consistent: my passion for emerging artists.  By 2002, KiptonART was born and over a 10 year span, became a pioneer for exhibiting emerging artists on the Internet. From 2002-2011, I hosted over 100 events and exhibitions for artists in NYC, Miami, Santa Monica, Palm Beach and LA. In 2012, I co-founded @60” – – with Christian Simonds. We are disrupting the art world by launching our SIN prints --which gives collectors the opportunity to 'Try Before You Buy' -- art curated from top emerging artists by industry experts. While New York City is my home, I am forever grateful to those in my path who helped me reach this point in my life. Art is my life.

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"I'm thankful every day For the gift of being gay To experience the highs and lows With those who love me so To live in a world filled with hope Where even the narrow-minded cope Yet to boldly stand tall and free To become the real version of me."

-Kipton Cronkite (Nov 30, 2012)